Thursday, June 26, 2014

bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum Review

I have some very lucky ladies in my family who have robotic vacuums.  I have been very jealous for a long time.  Good news though.  I am no longer jealous.  Thanks to Groupon, I'm now the proud owner of a robotic vacuum, the bObsweep PetHair.  I got an AMAZING deal on it.  If you don't Groupon, you need to.  I find great stuff on there all the time. 

There is only one person in this house that is as excited (and quite possibly more excited) as me, Funshine and he loves "bobots."  He is obsessed with the robotic vacuum commercials, Transformers, and the most annoying TWO toy robots a kid has ever owned (alas, that is a story all on its own).

When I was researching the bObsweep PetHair robo vac before ordering it he was enamored with the videos on their web page and YouTube.  I decided it was worth a shot so I ordered on Sunday.  On Wednesday, Bob the Butler (his temporary and possibly permanent name) arrived!

Remember how I said how excited Funshine was?  Here he is just before the vacuum arrived. 

How did he get that big?
The box is pretty large.  It arrived wrapped in plastic and in really good condition.  I was dying to get into it.
Front of the box

Back and side

I turned the flash on since my camera wasn't really cooperating.  Funshine doesn't do well with the flash, apparently his eyes are scared of the light.

See what I mean.
Here is a side by side comparison so you can see how big the box is.  It's pretty much the same size as Funshine.  Note the crazy face he is making.  Funshine + Flash = HILARITY!


When you pull it out of the box it's nicely packaged with styrofoam. 

The contents:  instruction manuals, a screwdriver (SWEET!), the dust mop attachment, bumper pads and instructions, replacement filters, and a little cleaning brush.

When you lift off the top styrofoam lid this is what you find.  It was VERY well packaged.  There was really no room for anything to shift in shipping and it was all well wrapped in plastic.

Inside contents: the vacuum unit, the docking station, the charging cable, extra screws, a remote, and two corner brushes.

You have to install the corner brush.  It's very easy.  Flip the unit over and take one of the small dark screws and the screwdriver they provided you with and put the brush on.

It's super fast and easy. That is the only
Funshine couldn't keep his hands off of Bob the Butler.  Again, the flash got him. 

He really needs to figure this out.
They say to put the docking station on a hard flat surface (preferably not carpet).  I put it on carpet in the beginning to charge where Funshine could see it.  I've since relocated it to the tile.  I plugged in the docking station, turned the unit on, and set the clock. 

Don't mind my reflection.

You're supposed to let the unit charge for 12 hours before using it!  Uhhhhh no, I let it charge for about an hour because Funshine couldn't stand it any longer.

We let is run for 10 minutes.  Funshine followed it around the whole time.  In the video you can hear him say "Bobot clean" and "all clean Mama" he was thoroughly impressed.  (I cannot get the video to play over mobile devices but there is a video below of you are on your computer.)

It ran for 10 minutes and you see on the video the areas it cleaned.  Here are some up close shots of the dirt.  Sorry, this is for science right?!  Remember we have LOTS of things in this house.  Two cats, one dog, Funshine, Love-A-Lot, Grumpy, and me!  We are in and out all day.  I hadn't touched the floors since I swept/mopped on Friday.

Ugggggh, that is so yuck! Mainly pet hair! Thanks animals!  Here is a nice close up for you.  I am THOROUGHLY impressed with Bob the Butler.  Look at how tiny some of those particles are!  Those short black hairs are from the dog.  She is in her shedding phase and you think she'd be bald. 

Seriously, at least the house looked clean.
We have since let the bObsweep run a full deep clean cycle (at nap time) and another short cycle (Love-A-Lot wanted to see him go before bed). I LOVE him!  He is a welcome addition to the family.  He's actually pretty darn quiet and he does a great job.  I have him set to run Monday through Friday at nap time.  Really one of the best investments, I wish we had one when the kids were crawling.

It's great with the pets too.  Truffles was napping on the floor and he went right around her.  She wasn't afraid of him either.  The cats sat on the stairs and judged the heck out of him, but weren't scared.  The kids think he's amazing and so do I.  Grumpy likes him, I think he thinks it's a little frivolous, but that's a man for you! 

I have some really big news coming up, part of the reason why I've been so distant around here.  Expect that sometime around the middle of July. 

One more thing, look at this adorable kid!  Like his bed head?  He always looks like that!


  1. I love this! �� friend bear and day dream bear

  2. I just saw this deal on Groupon too. I was wondering if you still love it? Funshine is just adorable!

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  6. Hello, nice review. it's been more than a year, how has Bob the Butler held up since then. Thanks.

    1. Would like to know as well how it is holding up now as I am thinking of getting one but not sure which one is best in the budget friendly category!

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