Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Welcome to our living room

We bought a house!!!!!!!!  That's right, no more imposing living with my mom!  We couldn't be happier with our home!  We moved in December 6th, 3 months to the day of arriving in IL.  Let me tell you what, it was a LONG 3 months.  We are very grateful for our families for stepping up to bat for us and really helping us along the way.  The inside of the house is pretty much finished so I'm going to do this one room/section at a time.

Let me give you a little info on the house.  It was built in 1958 and has a lot of the original things:  light switches, cabinets, doors, kitchen appliances.  It was also the model home for our neighborhood.  Be prepared to see a lot of retro stuff!  In the living room I really wanted to showcase the 50's, but add a touch of our flair!

Today I introduce our living room!

Technically that's the front porch, but I wanted to start it off right!

Our front door.  The whole setup is original.  The name plate says Mr. and Mrs. Dodd live here.  Don't worry, it's us!

These switches are throughout the house on the upper level except in a few places.  They are push switches and I LOVE THEM!

The view from our front door.  The wall has lights up top! The neutral paint was here and we decided it was perfect and left it!

Our entry way with the door closed.  I know the speaker stands kind of throw it all off, just ignore them.

The bench for guests to hide their shoes under, set purses/bags on, and the mirror to hang coats!  I got the bench from a local referb shop and I made the mirror out of a window I got at a local antique shop.

I'll hopefully get a post up about how to DIY this window!  I'm really proud of it!

The floor lamp, I really love it.  It is from (as are all the lamps in the living room).

There are quite a few found items that I got from different local antique shops.  This record cabinet is one of them.  When my Mom, Aunt, Cousin, and I were out we were tickled to death to find it.  When we went to purchase it, it was 50% off! Even better! Originally I was planning on putting DVDs in it, but it makes a PERFECT game cabinet.  The green bowl is Fenton and used to belong to my Granny.

One shelf is dedicated to the WiiU and the other holds all of the xbox things. 

The DVD shelving was a combined effort between Grumpy and me!  When we removed our closet shelves we saved the wood.  Later we cut them in half, mounted them to the wall with brackets, drilled holes, and strung rope through them.  They hold all of our DVDs perfectly and even has a little room to grow! Plus since we reused the wood it cost us about $40 for all the hardware.

The rope is tied in a figure 8 knot on the tops and crisscrossed to give it a little visual interest.  Plus it helps keeps the movies in place!

The view of the living room from the door and behind the couch.

I don't know if you've shopped for rugs recently, but they are EXPENSIVE!  I looked locally at all the shops (Target, Lowes, The Home Depot, Menards, Wal-Mart) no one had what I wanted.  I wanted a statement piece.  Something that would set the tone for the whole room!  I tend to get bored easily with room d├ęcor so I wanted something that would always go with everything.  Enter the most amazing rug I have ever seen in my life.   I got it from  It was the exact same price as rugs in the size (5x8) at all the other stores, but it is significantly better quality.  The pile is so soft and the colors are vibrant.  The coffee table is Lack from Ikea.

Our couch that we had in San Diego never made it on the truck (along with EVERY piece of living room furniture we had) so we got a new one.  This one is from Ashley furniture and came with the zig zag pillows.  The style is perfect and it goes supremely well with the style of the house.

Our end tables were another antique store find.  My mother in law pitched in $20 so they only cost me $1.20!  We replaced the knobs because one was missing.  I love the large mercury glass lamp.  I really wanted to add metallics in a few places throughout the room!

The glass bowl is from my BFF two years ago for Christmas.  It goes PERFECTLY!  The gold vase is from Target!  The geometric shape is really what drew me to it.

The silver and linen geometric pillows and the retro city pillow are from

My favorite chair has made it back into the living room.   The monster eye spy pillow is also in the room and actually makes perfect sense here! The brown wooden lamp I picked out just for Grumpy.  I wanted to make sure he had some things in here he liked.

I really wanted a 50's style credenza, but they were WAY out of my budget.  I was lucky to find this media cabinet that was the right style and size for the right price.  Also found at

My curio cabinet is in the corner and filled with all our special little things!

The view from our hallway and a better view of the wooden lamp.

Why yes that is a stone planter in my living room!  Isn't it AWESOME, also original!  I planted elephant bush plants and named them Fred and George.  They are from the succulent family so I am less likely to kill them. 

To say that I am proud of the way the living room has turned out would be an understatement.  I am so happy with ALL of it.  I think it is the perfect mix of retro and current styles. 

Hopefully I'll get a chance to blog on the other rooms soon!  Until then, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Well the time has come to admit it, changes are ahead.  Grumpy Bear is saying Goodbye to the Marine Corps.  This leaves us with a vast array of mixed feelings: happy, sad, excited, scared, relieved, stressed out. . . it just goes on and on.

I am happy to say we completed our FINAL deployment in April.  We have been married since 2006 and since then we have spent roughly 37 months apart!  That's 3 years!!!! That's longer then Funshine has been alive.  I'll be honest, I have learned invaluable lessons from deployments.  I never would have believed the things I could achieve on my own without them. 

We have a plan, it is set in motion, and things are falling into place.  We recently made a "business trip" back to my home town (our home state) to look for houses and so Grumpy could interview for a job.  That's right, you read that right, we are coming "home."  I say "home" because home has been where we made it the past 8 years, but it is my home town. 

We are looking forward to Love-A-Lot and Funshine being able to spend time with their grandparents and getting to see/do all the things that Southern Illinois has to offer.  We will miss the So Cal weather, but that is about it.  It is entirely too busy and expensive here. 

We saw rain and heard thunder and lighting, caught lightning bugs, and just enjoyed the smells!  Funshine spent nearly every moment outside with Papaw. 

Funshine's first sparkler.

Love-A-Lot just couldn't bear to look away.
Look at his face, he loves his Papaw!

On a side note, yes those are their jammies, I do NOT recommend the solo cup coverage of the hands for sparklers.  They WILL melt the cup if your kids aren't paying attention.  We also have the suspicion that the sparklers weren't as strong as they used to be, we never got popped by one.

We found a wonderful home, and I hope we get to call it ours.  Grumpy got a job on his first interview!  I cannot put into words how proud I am of him, I cried when he got the offer call!  We drove out to IL and back from CA.  It took us 36 hours out and 34 back.  The kids did great in the car. 

She thought this pose was appropriate for her accessories.

He obviously agreed.
When we got home Love-A-Lot went back to school and promptly broke her leg.  Monkey bar accident, spiral fracture of her tibia.  *Sigh* She has a long leg cast and was originally told she would need it for 6 weeks, after her one week check-up it was changed to 4 weeks!  She has one more week to go, assuming when the 4 weeks are up they decided it is healed enough.  She has handled it like a champ and we couldn't be more proud.

She only said it hurt when she walked, otherwise she was smiling the whole time.

About an hour after her cast was put on.

What girl doesn't want matching toes?
The following week she graduated from KINDERGARTEN!  How is that even possible?  I feel like this school year flew by.

Friday we take her up to LA so she can fly back to IL with her Aunt.  She starts First Grade on August 12th, so she will be staying with Memaw until we join her at the end of August (as of right now).  I'm sad to see her go, but excited because that means I can start packing.  Love-A-Lot has a lot of opinions about what/how/when I should pack.  Funshine doesn't really care so he'll be glad to help. 

Our countdown has begun. . . our new lives start soon!  I'm going to try and keep up with my blogging, but no promises, things here will be CRAZY!

Also, sorry about the cell phone pictures in this whole thing.